puce-ronde The objectives of the work package are the following :

Undertake actions to verify if the project is being implemented as planned and reaches objectives.

The JA's quality and ability to respond to the requirements of the Community Health Action Programme is systematically evaluated. The WP3 monitors and analyses the quantitative (number of datasets) and qualitative (robustness, reliability of the tests) specific objective indicators, as well as , through WP2 stakeholders consultations, the JA's impact and its goal to improve health safety by improving knowledge on MN genotoxicity.

puce-ronde Work progress

Since the kick off meeting in March 2010 the project was observed by WP3 especially with respect to the mode of its implementation. The project is stringently implemented by the Coordinator in a most efficient manner. In an enormous effort, the Coordinator achieved its goal of establishing a project gathering multidisciplinary high-level scientists to address the important question how to run genotoxicity testing in vitro versus in vivo with the aim to harmonize as precisely as possible the standard operating procedures currently existing at OECD and EU-member state level.

Now, the organisational and regulatory frame is set. Budget has been most efficiently allocated and confidentiality of foreground assured. All agreements were signed by all partners and work packages started to plan their detailed work programme for the next period.

The evaluation plan was developed and the internal Evaluation Team was constituted. The creation of an external academic reviewer panel with proven expertise (authors of peer-reviewed scientific publications in nano-analytics and nanogenotoxicology) is underway in order to respond to any specific questions that the internal Evaluation Team might have. Some discussions started regarding the panel’s membership and some scientists have been contacted. Criteria regarding evaluation of the data presented in the reports from scientific WPs to WP3 (Evaluation Team) have been discussed.

The first “cruise mode” evaluation report, covering the first year of the JA was prepared and sent to the EAHC with the first interim technical report.

puce-ronde Deliverables:

Evaluation reports.

puce-ronde Work package Leader: Mario Goetz from the Federal Institute of Risk Assessment ( BfR, Germany) see WP leader profile picto-pdf

puce-ronde All the Associated and collaborating partners are involved on WP3

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