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puce-ronde Editor
Anses, French agency for food, environmental and occupational health safety
27-31, avenue du général Leclerc
Tel.: +33 (0)
Fax: +33 (0)
Publication director: Marc Mortureux, Director General of ANSES
Webmaster: Florence Etore, Anthony Cadene

puce-ronde How to download our publications
Our documents are presented in PDF format. You need to have the right software for downloading them.
Documents in PDF format: Adobe Acrobat Reader 6.0 software (for MAC and PC)
This software enables you to read pdf documents. You can download it free of charge by going to the Adobe website : picto-target

puce-ronde Use of data
The information featuring on the website is made available to the public by the French agency for food, environmental and occupational health safety.
This information is protected by the Berne Convention for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works, by other international agreements and by national law on copyright and subsidiary rights.
The information featuring on the website may be reviewed, reproduced or translated for research purposes or for personal study.
The reproduction, translation or any use of information from NANOGENOTOX's website for any purpose other than personal, educational or non-commercial is subject to the prior acquisition of express written authorisation from the Director General of ANSES.
Any use of information from NANOGENOTOX's website must identify this website picto-target as the information source and, where applicable, the partners associated with this information. Accordingly, the document or information must be reproduced in full, without modification, addition and without bearing any advertising. It must be free to download.

puce-ronde Creating links
All public or private websites, with the exception of those featuring controversial, pornographic, sectarian or xenophobic information, are authorised to create a link to NANOGENOTOX's home page or directly to information displayed by NANOGENOTOX's website, without prior authorisation. However, pages from NANOGENOTOX's website picto-targetmay not be included within the pages of another website under any circumstances. Everything must clearly indicate to Internet users that they are on ANSES's website and are able to browse at liberty.

In all other cases, and particularly:
puce if the website contents has to be integrated into the browser of the requesting website,
puce if access to the pages containing the link to NANOGENOTOX's website is not free of charge, a request for authorisation must be sent to ANSES at the aforementioned address.

ANSES shall be entitled to request that any link be deleted which it considers non-compliant with its publishing policy or may damage its image, without prejudice of any subsequent action before competent courts.
For its part, ANSES only creates links to public websites and is in no way responsible for the links which are created to its own website.
Should you create a link to NANOGENOTOX's website, however, please could you inform us by e-mail picto-target

puce-ronde Warning
Reference to firms or commercial products does not imply that said firms or commercial products are approved or recommended by ANSES.

puce-ronde Picture copyright
Pictures are not copyright free.

puce-ronde ANSES's logo is a protected and registered design
Express written authorisation is required from the Director General of ANSES should you wish to use it. There is one exception, however: tacit authorisation is granted when the logo is used to create a link to the home page of ANSES's website. The logo must, in this case, be used in full and with no modifications whatsoever.

Personne in chage of administrative acces to the documents and questions related to the use of public informations: Olivier Spreux

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