The final conference of NANOGENOTOX took place on Friday 22 February 2013 and was hosted by the French Ministry of Social Affairs and Health, in Paris, France. It gathered around 200 participants from all over Europe and beyond, including partners of the Joint Action.

The results of each WP were presented and discussed in the morning sessions. In the afternoon, a presentation summarizing the considerations to achieve a robust method for testing the genotoxicity of MNs was made, followed by discussions with the audience (see agenda). Particular efforts were made during the panel discussion and in the conclusions and perspectives by policy makers to examine how this method can be taken up and followed upon within REACH or other regulatory mechanisms.

As policy makers, the OECD WPMN and the EC DG SANCO representatives confirmed that the results and lessons coming out from NANOGENOTOX can be built upon for risk assessment and risk management purposes. Existing frameworks and guidelines are applicable for nanomaterials but some particular test guidelines have to be examined closely and may need to be updated or replaced. The concerns identified in the NANOGENOTOX findings are shared by the EC Scientific Committee on Consumer Safety (SCCS).

To view the presentations from this meeting, click on the following pictures.


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