3.  Selection of the associated partners (laboratories)

Public health practices and policies differ considerably between EU Member States; this Joint Action takes into account this geographical, cultural and social diversity.

Several organisations from 11 EU Member States are involved, including two new Member States (Poland and Bulgaria), small northern countries (the Netherlands, Denmark, Belgium), northern and southern medium-sized and larger countries (Spain, Finland, France, Germany, Italy and Portugal).

The work was divided in a harmonious manner according to the specific competences of each institution and laboratory. People working on NANOGENOTOX are from National Institutes, they are all researchers with long experience in their field of research, and with significantly peer-reviewed scientific publications. Most of them have great expertise in the field of nanomaterials and genotoxicity testing.

 On the following link, you will find the description of competences and experiences of the implicated laboratories in the area of the Joint Action.