DELIVERABLE 2: Standard operating procedures for characterisation of the selected manufactured nanomaterials types. June 2011, 2168 KB

DELIVERABLE 3: Final protocol for producing suitable manufactured nanomaterial exposure media. July 2011, 1479 KB

DELIVERABLE 4.1: Summary report on primary physicochemical properties of manufactured nanomaterials used in NANOGENOTOX. March 2013, 1331 KB

DELIVERABLE 4.2: Transmission Electron Microscopic characterisation of NANOGENOTOX nanomaterials. March 2013, 3144 KB

DELIVERABLE 4.3: Crystallite size, mineralogical and chemical purity of NANOGENOTOX nanomaterials. March 2013, 2340 KB

DELIVERABLE 4.4: Determination of specific surface area of NANOGENOTOX nanomaterials. March 2013, 3644 KB

DELIVERABLE 4.5: Surface charge, hydrodynamic size and size distribution by zetametry, dynamic light scattering (DLS) and small-angle X-ray scattering (SAXS) in optimized aqueous suspensions for titanium and silicon dioxide. March 2013, 3689 KB

DELIVERABLE 4.6: Dustiness of NANOGENOTOX nanomaterials using the NRCWE small rotating drum and the INRS Vortex shaker. March 2013, 2028 KB

DELIVERABLE 4.7: Hydrochemical reactivity, solubility, and biodurability of NANOGENOTOX nanomaterials. March 2013, 2496 KB

DELIVERABLE 5: In vitro testing strategy for nanomaterials. March 2013, 2794 KB

DELIVERABLE 6: Characterisation of manufactured nanomaterials for their clastogenic/aneugenic effects or DNA damage potentials and correlation analysis. March 2013, 2734 KB

DELIVERABLE 7: Identification of taget organs and biodistribution including ADME parameters. March 2013, 2959 KB

MILESTONE REPORT 2: Determination of acute toxicity of TiO2, SiO2, and CNT nanomaterials of the NANOGENOTOX Joint Action Plan. June 2012, 492 KB

MILESTONE REPORT 2: Evaluation of the determination of Ti in tissues. April 2013, 1373 KB

The final NANOGENOTOX publishable report March 2013 (1975KB)


Report on first stakeholders consultation June 2011 (657KB)

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