The Institute of Molecular Biology Bulgarian Academy of Sciences ( IMB-BAS) is a founder and leading national scientific institution in the area of molecular and cellular biology and biochemistry. IMB has been a member of the Global Network for Molecular and Cell Biology at UNESCO since 1995. It comprises of 5 departments and 2 specialized laboratories. The mission of IMB is:

puce-ronde To conduct on a high scientific level fundamental and applied studies in the area of molecular biology and related disciplines as structural and cell biology, molecular genetics and bioorganic chemistry and their application in medicine and pharmacy.

puce-ronde To carry out training and education in molecular biology and its related disciplines, as: a) deepens its collaboration with leading universities; b) strengthens and develops Ph.D. programs to offer attractive conditions for increasing the qualifications of specialists of national and foreign universities, and research centers.

puce-ronde To develop complex projects with national and international scientific organizations and companies, becoming a national and regional center for coordination of fundamental and applied research in genomics, epigenomics, proteomics, bioinformatics, bionanotechnology, etc.


More information can be found at Institute of Molecular Biology "Roumen Tsanev"  picto-target

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