puce-ronde DG SANCO - Directorate General for Health and Consumer Affair: nanotechnology picto-www

puce-ronde DG EMPL - Employment, Social Affairs & Inclusion : Chemical Agents - nanotechnology picto-www

puce-ronde DG Environment: nanomaterials picto-www

puce-ronde  EFSA - European Food Safety Authority: nanotechnology picto-www

puce-ronde  JRC reference report : Considerations on a Definition of Nanomaterial for Regulatory Purposes  picto-pdf (3.18 MB)

puce-ronde Nanoreisen: a virtual discovery journey into the worlds of micro- and nano- cosmos  picto-www

puce-ronde European Commission: Nanotechnology  picto-www

puce-ronde OECD: Environment Directorate : Safety of Manufactured Nanomaterials picto-www WPMN general presentation April 2011 picto-pdf (191 KB)

puce-ronde OSHA - European Agency of Health and Safety at Work picto-www. Literature Review - Workplace exposure to nanoparticles picto-pdf (1535 KB)

puce-ronde Pen - the Project on Emerging Nanotechnology picto-www

puce-ronde SCENIHR - Scientific Committee on Emerging and Newly Identified Health Risks  picto-www. SCENIHR Opinion on: Scientific Basis for the Definition of the Term “nanomaterial” picto-pdf  December 2010 (349 KB). SCENIHR Opinion on Risk Assessment of Products of Nanotechnologies picto-pdf January 2009 (500 KB).

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