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Facilitating the safety evaluation of manufactured nanomaterials by characterising their potential genotoxic hazard.


Nanotechnology is a highly strategic industrial and economic sector with enormous potential benefits for many societal and environmental domains.

"Towards a method for detecting the potential genotoxicity of nanomaterials"

Human exposure to manufactured nanomaterials (MNs) used in consumer products may occur during several phases of their life cycle, from synthesis, production and inclusion in products to the release of these nanomaterials into the environment.

The lack of scientific knowledge and the absence of evidence demonstrating the safety of certain nanotechnology products make regulation very difficult (Source: January 2009 SCENIHR opinion). Because of this, health and safety evaluation is attracting the attention of the public and of governments worldwide.

The Executive Agency for Health and Consumers awarded a grant through the second programme of Community action in the field of health (2008-2013) for a Joint Action on the "Safety of nanomaterials".

The aim of this Joint Action is to establish a robust (specific and sensitive) methodology to assess the potential genotoxicity (i.e. inducing DNA damage) of MNs and to generate data on the genotoxic effect of certain reference materials.

NANOGENOTOX leaflet available picto-pdf (830 KB)

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